The chairman, David Seibert said he heard by word of mouth that the company had moved its offices.Seibert said when he and Commissioner Gerald Barksdale checked the information, they discovered that the company's equipment, such as bulldozers, and offices were gone, but the trash still was piled on site."As long as they are making an effort to recycle the solid waste out there, they are not in violation," Hughes said.If they have abandoned it completely, then it's non-permitted for solid waste.

Hughes said ADEM will investigate allegations that RSI has abandoned the site.He said ADEM does not have the resources to clean the site and bill the company for that.The area is on Burgreen Road in Madison-annexed Limestone County. Charter Land Conveyancing Residents said it brought flies, rodents, mosquitoes, noise and smells to their neighborhoods.Residents had pictures of the debris that included materials such as a water heater, computers, the hull of an ambulance, tires, toys, household cleaners and a mound of what appeared to be rolls of plastic.

First, the facility had permanent barriers at its property lines that consisted of dirt and solid waste from 5 to 10 feet high.His council canceled its contract with his company and then the company filed a lawsuit against the council for breaking the contract.RSI's Web site still lists it as being located on Burgreen Road, however, the phone number listed on the site has been changed to a Huntsville number.A woman who answered the phone did not respond to questions about the company abandoning the site and said someone would call back to discuss that.

He said it would fund new textbooks without placing a tax on the general public.Nabers said his boss, Gov. Bob Riley, does not think that expanding bingo and taxing it is the way to fund textbooks.But beyond that opposition, Nabers said the economics of the legislation dramatically favor dog track operators. "We do have enforcement authority to make the company clean the site," he said.

If you want to make the legal steps performed in the better ways then there will remain no point for the problems that is faced by people who are doing the whole process with the full guarantee of profit in the real estate field. The first of these initiatives, which will be launched by the end of 2004, will be an e-Bulk channel which will enable the major Registered Bodies to transfer bulk-file application forms direct into the CRB system.

This process Sydney Property Conveyancing will done with the right steps that are always done in the legal ways that are applied in the conveyancing process for facing the smooth and legal steps done in the successful manner. Aside from reducing the administrative burden for both parties, we anticipate this facility having a significant impact on the accuracy of original data in the application form. In tandem with a newly designed paper application form, we will also launch an e-application form which all applicants will be able to download from the CRB’s website.

This will do in the hands of the people who are doing the daily process for the conveyancing process which is very important to manage in the right ways. This additional access route will generate significant improvements in data quality for our operation and reduce the significant number of application forms which are returned to Registered Bodies for clarification.

We will also explore the benefits and costs of launching a full website-based application channel where applicants will be able to complete the entire application process without use of a paper version. By linking this channel to existing IT systems within the CRB, we would expect to generate significant cost savings and make a substantial reduction in turn-around times. The CRB’s aim of broadening its product portfolio lies, in part, in the development and delivery of a Basic Level Disclosure Service.

Conveyancing transfers the ownership of property from the existing owner to the buyer with all the legal rights and title of the property. Conveyancing eliminates all the property transfer risks from the complete process and all other types of frauds that might emerge during the property transfer. In addition, Sainsbury's has unveiled plans for the redevelopment of its Stamford Street headquarters, after signing for Lord Hamlyn's 33 Holborn Place in November. The project, due to be completed by 2004, will create approximately 35,000 sq m (376,600 sq ft) of office space over 19 floors, with a Sainsbury's store planned for the ground floor.

Act Conveyancing Sydney is conducted with all types of background checks and researches for the property and all the process step by step is carried out by the conveyancers. This provides a safety to the buyer and seller both. Two significant pre-lets were highlighted in the research, Ernst & Young have taken 35,687 sq m (383,992 sq ft) at CIT's newly renamed London Bridge development, More London and The Financial Times signed up for 15,121 sq m (162,702 sq ft) at Riverside House in Southwark.

Conveyancers of both the parties carry out essential research for the opposite party and property and also the background check of the buyer and seller. The next council also needs to be aware of the greater role tourism can play in the city, he said. Perennial issues for every council here are drainage and roads, he said.

Vail Williams has pre-let over 85% of space at the new look Hastings Pier with further signings in the pipeline. The 128-year old Victorian Pier, which has had an extensive repair and refurbishment facelift by Andorran-based development company Mundial Invest SA, was visited by over 65,000 visitors during its opening weekend earlier this month.

To hire a conveyancer is the foremost and most important step of conveyancing. A conveyancer carries out a proper research for the buyer. It is not only drama producers who have discovered the photogenic quality of the location, but news crews as well. The Six O' Clock News, BBC's Business Breakfast, North News and Working Lunch have used the Quayside buildings, including Sandgate House and the bar restaurant Pitcher and Piano, as a setting for interviews.

Conveyancer checks all the current legal agreements of the property and prepares the mortgage documents. Conveyancer contacts the local authorities and cross checks the valuation of the property E Settlement Agents Perth that buyer is going to buy. Companies who have moved to Quayside include the world's largest accountants' firm KPMG, Newcastle law firm Ward Hadaway, the Industrial Tribunal Service and the North of England Protecting and Indemnity Association. Dickinson Dees and Clydesdale Bank are due to move into St Ann's Wharf this year

All the taxes and charges are taken care of by the conveyancer. It is not necessary that the buyer has all the knowledge about the legal formalities so legal aid becomes very essential for the buyer. Conveyancer makes the process of conveyancing hazard free. Rachel Wood, AMEC's development surveyor said: "Quayside is now a very attractive place to live, work and visit. The new buildings themselves are outstanding, so it is not so surprising that Quayside is coming to the attention of television producers.

We are pleased to be able to use these television opportunities to help promote this part of the City centre to a wide audience. MAJOR LEISURE DEVELOPMENT IN THE PIPELINE FOR SWINDON Concept Developments has submitted a planning application for a £6m development on a 13 acre site next to the Commonhead roundabout on the busy A419 on the outskirts of Swindon.

"The kitchen and bathroom require special attention, as they have often had a big influence on buying preferences, with all surfaces gleaming and never dirty. Also seriously consider refurbishment before sale," "With the exception of new inner-city apartments, the vacancy rate for Melbourne is trending downwards, is still well within an acceptable range and is at its lowest level in two years."

The requirement for taking the advice from the property conveyancing service providing professionals is the important and the wanted requirement of people. Melbourne’s residential vacancy rate fell 0.4 per cent to 3.5 per cent for the March quarter 2004, its lowest level in two years. The rate is also 0.2 per cent lower than for the March quarter 2003. Melbourne has experienced an increase in tenant demand over the last quarter and increased migration. "This market recovered from its sharp spike of 10.0 per cent in December quarter 2003, but is up from 7.2 per cent recorded in the March quarter 2003."

The new inner-city apartment rates have fallen, as there was minimal supply entering the market this quarter. We are, however, expecting another vacancy spike by the end of the year as new developments are completed in Docklands, with an expected 3,500 new apartments still to come onto the market.

Inner Melbourne (4-10km from the CBD) recorded a vacancy rate of 3.9 per cent, slightly above the 3.8 per cent rate recorded in both December 2003 and in the same period last year.Middle Melbourne (10-20km from the CBD) fell 0.4 per cent to 3.8 per cent, now sitting slightly above the 3.7 per cent recorded in March 2003. Outer Melbourne (20km plus from the CBD) fell noticeably by 0.8 per cent to 2.5 per cent, below the 2.8 per cent rate in March 2003.

"Vacancy rates for other Victorian regions remain very low for the March quarter. Geelong’s vacancy rate rose marginally from 0.3 per cent to 3.3 per cent, Bendigo’s rose 1.5 per cent to 2.9 per cent, while Ballarat’s fell 0.2 per cent to 2.0 per cent, during the March quarter." The conveyancer should dismember the home advance that the past holder may have handled the property conveyancing and surety that credit traditions are clear and close.

We welcome stamp duty relief for first home buyers in the form of a cash grant of $5,000 for properties valued up to $500,000, purchased from 1 May 2004 until 30 June 2005. We also welcome the new concessions for retirees.

"We think this is a responsible budget that provides appropriate relief for first home buyers." "Based on our March quarter figures of a median house price of $368,000, stamp duty is $17,740 but will now be $12,740 for first home buyers with the grant."

The REIV has been lobbying for stamp duty relief for several years. The government’s announcement today is due in part to this pressure. "Today’s announcement offers nothing for home buyers over $500,000 and other 2nd home buyers such as families who may be up-sizing." A conveyancer finishes a Close-by Force Chase down collecting approaching plans of neighborhood statutory constitution which may perhaps have an effect on future regard in the home you happen to be buying or limit you to realize your private courses of action for the home for case increase, adjusting, home credit and so forth.

"The system is fundamentally inequitable and unfair, mainly due to bracket creep in recent years, and requires a major overhaul." The real estate lawyers have the knowledge to perform the property matters but the exact role of persons playing to deal with the property conveyancing process are called as the conveyancing solicitors get the training to deal with this process. The changing value of property has now more than ever meant an increasing proportion of property transactions are taxed at the higher end of the stamp duty scale.

The 20-storey building has eight floors assigned for air cargo, seven floors assigned for general cargo and four floors of car parks while the top floor is for ancillary office use. The REIV has lobbied for property tax reform in Victoria since 2000. Kerry Cargo Centre is located at Kwai Chung Town Lot No. 455, Kwai Fuk Road, Kwai Chung, New Territories. It is targeted for completion in the last quarter of 1998. These studies were provided to the government.

"Although a potential purchaser may have signed a contract note, the property has not been “purchased” until it is counter-signed by the vendor and all conditions have been fulfilled. The agent should also provide a copy of the counter-signed contract note to the purchaser."

Kerry Warehouse is one of the largest warehouse operators in Hong Kong and has currently 12 warehouses under operation. All the warehouses are principally located near key infrastructure in Kowloon and the New Territories.Upon completion of the new Kerry Warehouse (Tsuen Wan) and the Kerry Cargo Centre, the total floor area of Kerry Warehouses will increase to about 7.5 million sq.ft.

Recent newspaper reports paint a negative and largely accurate assessment of the dated information used by some commentators reporting on the state of the property market. Currently, the REIV provides the most reliable, up-to-date and comprehensive information on the state of the property market. Unless both the buyer and the merchant have legal learning it is fitting for the consent to be dealt with by a true blue capable or approved Its warehouse business incorporates bonded and dangerous goods, general cargo and cold storage servicing over 1,600 customers.

The development is estimated to cost HK$3 billion and is owned by Tai Chak Property Development Ltd. a joint venture company of Kerry Properties Animated (75%) and Kai Tai Group (25%). The REIV releases a quarterly Property Update publication on suburb by suburb price growth and trends within six weeks of the end of each quarter - again, up-to-date and reliable and available for REIV members and the public. The REIV website contains further information and statistics on the state of the property market, including suburb price growth trends over the past five years. The site area of the residential development is approximately 783,190 sq.ft. with a gross floor area of approximately 476,620 sq.ft. However, the fact remains, you must bid to buy at auction.

The new Auction Rules also gives bidders greater confidence, as they now require the vendor to first negotiate with the highest bidder. Previously, this was not a requirement. At the point when your offer is recognized and all conditions have been arrived at you will need to enamor a legitimate counsel to handle the conveyancing, ie the trading of title from merchant to buyer. Lower clearance rates can also be a result of high stock levels vs. demand and vendor expectations still running a bit high in a market no longer able to sustain the price growth levels of recent years.

The REIV supports major changes to the legislation governing bodies corporate. The legislation is currently being reviewed by the government, with buy-in from relevant parties, Raise new and existing owners knowledge of the roles and responsibility of managers."Implement minimum standards of skills and education for body’s corporate managers, such as licensing, police checks and trust account auditing & training;"

There is a paucity of readily accessible information and experienced advice available to the growing number of bodies’ corporate members. The new tenants include Honeywell, Bausch & Lomb and Kraft Foods. Earlier in August, Philips Electronics China Group signed a 5-year leasing contract for the rental of over 52,000 sq. ft of the office space. As of today, approximately 30% of the gross floor area of the Tower I office space have been leased/sold.The development will have 446 car park spaces and ample recreational facilities including a swimming pool, tennis courts and a residents' club.

According to Mr. Ted Tang, General Manager, Operations/Marketing of Kerry Properties Management (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. "The recent 0.25 per cent rate rise will have little impact on a market where prices have stabilized and the market remains buoyant." "The most dramatic impact will be felt mainly by highly geared investors and first home buyers." Whilst the numbers of first home buyers seeking finance are at all time lows, the impact of any rate rises on this sector of the market will also be to diminish the areas first home buyers can afford.

Around a 1 per cent rate rise would have a significant impact on the general market, however, requiring around an additional 10 per cent of disposable income to service a loan. Vendors should not be over-optimistic about prices, in any event, as the market has stabilised and peaked over 12 months ago. Nonetheless, we can expect around 10 per cent growth across the board over the next 12 months.

"Strong auction clearance rates are expected to continue for the traditional big selling weeks in November.”Despite some claims to the contrary, clearance rates were largely unaffected last weekend by the rate rise. There were 738 auctions, 383 passed in properties for a clearance rate of 63%, marginally down on 67% for the same period last year.

"After enjoying the lowest rates for 30 years, there is little doubt that an increasingly strong local and global economy will see rates rise further." People should always borrow only what they can afford and, in this climate particularly, factor in future rate rises.The property market has grown in the September quarter in line with REIV predictions of 10 per cent over the year.

There will be 12 blocks of 9-storey residential buildings providing 216 apartments with unit sizes ranging from 1,100 sq.ft to 1,200 sq.ft. The 53 detached houses will be of 3-storey high.Start by doing some exploration on the web - visit specialists' sites and work out who the individuals are on their conveyancing group.

Bendigo increased a substantial 8.5 per cent over the quarter to $212,000, and a huge 35.5 per cent above the median for the same period last year.Geelong grew a more modest 3.0 per cent over the quarter, with an exceptional 44.9 per cent growth rate over the year.

Suburbs near the median house price showing particularly good growth over the quarter include Footscray (15.7 per cent), Pascoe Vale (14.5 per cent), Doncaster (6.7 per cent) and Preston (5.0 per cent). Sales and prices reflect Melbournians continued preparedness to pay a considerable premium to purchase bayside property, reflected in strong growth in areas such as Frankston, Williamstown, Brighton, Highett and Sandringham.

Whilst the property boom is great news for homeowners and investors, decreasing affordability is having serious consequences particularly for first home buyers. Real estate business is truly successful where you get grand opportunity to have your incredible best adelaid flat fee conveyancers managing in light of the fact. The September quarter figures demonstrate that the government should now come to the table and look seriously at reducing stamp duty on the principal place of residence.

Melbourne’s residential vacancy rate fell slightly in the September quarter to 3.7 per cent, below the 3.9 per cent rate recorded in the June Quarter and well below the peak of 4.6 per cent recorded a year ago. residential vacancy rates for Victoria are the same as the June Quarter at 3.4 per cent, significantly below the 4.2 per cent recorded in September 2002."

Using the REIV’s additional method of calculation measuring vacancy rates of new inner-city apartments (CBD, Docklands, St Kilda Rd and Southbank), including apartments not previously managed by an estate agent, there was a fall in vacancies to 7.2 per cent from 8.7 per cent in the June Quarter.

Despite ongoing speculation to the contrary, the Victorian residential property market is still good news for investors, especially in regional areas where vacancy rates are lower than ever.Middle Melbourne, Conveyancing solicitors or conveyancers make the legal contract for managing the whole process of conveyancing by signing some paper. where development of apartments is also buoyant, could also become a concern in the medium term if building and residential development doesn’t slow.

The inner city apartment market still has relatively high vacancy rates, however, which are likely to continue if development remains buoyant over the short to medium-term.According to Kerry, the design of the present scheme is to make it more visually compatible to enjoy the natural setting, splendid views, and to enhance the overall natural environment.The main agenda of conveyancing lawyers is to destroy every possibility where mistake can happen and conduct only a smooth and correct conveyancing process.

Continuing comments by some analysts about the property bubble burst have to date proven incorrect."People either buying or building properties for rent or resale borrowed a record $6.81 billion, a 5 per cent increase on the previous month."However, the proportion of loans to first-home buyers increasing only slightly to 13.8 per cent, marginally up from a recent record low of 13.6 per cent.

A rate rise will further dampen an already depressed first home owner market, which is linked to lowering levels of new home building activity. ABS figures showed that building activity fell 2.5 per cent in the June quarter to $11.27 billion, the first quarterly drop in more than two years. Economists predict a rate rise as early as December. The already slowing market, ABS figures, low stock levels and the level of first home buyers add up to any rate rise being premature.

When subdivided into smaller units, a total of 310 office units can be offered with sizes ranging from 1, 200 sq.ft. To 2, 400 sq. ft. The adjacent residential/commercial tower is currently 43% sold. The shopping mall at the podium, which was opened in September 1996, is currently 80% leased and has attracted many internationally renowned retailers such as Jusco, McDonalds.

An estate agent must state on the authority their estimate of the selling price of the property before the principal (vendor) signs the authority.Completed in September 1997, the 31-level office tower has a gross floor area of approximately 532,000 sq. ft.The REIV has this week issued an Important Notice to members reminding them of the REIV’s position and of the new laws coming into effect.

In defiance of Melbourne’s current apartment market conditions, a number of large scale apartment projects have recently been announced. Following the success of pre-sales for St Kilda Road’s luxury apartment complex, Yve, developer Sunland has secured another St Kilda Road site. has the authorities to maintain the integrity of the conveyancing process by making it done in right ways. The group has carved out a niche at the top end of the Melbourne apartment market, defying current apartment market conditions. The 2,215m 2 site, located at 454 St Kilda Road, will be developed into 100 luxury apartments as part of a joint venture with the site’s owner, the Pellicano Group. The site currently houses the 1980’s, two storey Becton Centre.

Nearby, at 519 St Kilda Road, the long inactive Chevron site has received a planning permit for the development of 300 apartments. In contrast to previous development plans for the site, the new $160 million development will incorporates restoration of the existing Chevron building into medium density residential apartments, with an additional nine level apartment tower to the rear of the 8,873m 2 site. The site was purchased for $16.5 million in late 2003 by Sydney developers Daniel Hausman and Lance Hodgkinson.

Lend Lease has commenced site works on Dock 5 apartment tower, located.The development will add a further 148 apartments to the precinct and is anticipated for completion in 2007 at an estimated construction cost of $100 million. In a world first, discount supermarket chain Aldi plans to launch a CBD outlet, committing to a site on Melbourne’s Swanston Street. The supermarket will be located at the ground level of a dual residential tower development, 501 Swanston Street, where the former Ansett complex is under re-development by PDG Corporation. Rapidly rising resident, workforce and student populations within the Melbourne CBD have sparked the development decision. The project is anticipated for completion in 2006

CBD office market maintains momentum Private investor Nicholas Moore divested his interest in The Dominion building, 533 Little Lonsdale Street, selling to OFM Investment Group for $15.45 million ($2,282/m 2 ). The 12 level building (6,771m 2 NLA) will anchor an upcoming unlisted syndicate to be launched by the group, with a favourable existing long term lease to law firm Slater and Gordon (expiring in 2010), taking it beyond the forecast office market slump. The property last changed hands in July 2000 for $11.75 million, reflecting an average annual capital gain of 7.87%. For conducting right process for conveyancing a legal conveyancer is required.

Another Sydney Private investor, Andrew Tozwell, offloaded B-Grade office building Concept Systems House at 406 Collins Street for $9.25 million. The 3,742m 2 building transacted on a yield of 8.29% (90% occupied), however is anticipated to return an estimated 9.2% fully leased. Last purchased in June 2001 for $7.3 million, the sale reflects an average annual capital gain of 8.9%.

Another Sydney Private investor, Andrew Tozwell, offloaded B-Grade office building Concept Systems House at 406 Collins Street for $9.25 million. The 3,742m 2 building transacted on a yield of 8.29% (90% occupied), however is anticipated to return an estimated 9.2% fully leased. Last purchased in June 2001 for $7.3 million, the sale reflects an average annual capital gain of 8.9%. Professional conveyancers of the real estate field are the people who work fast for completing the process in less time. Receivers for the troubled Nauru Government's Nauru Phosphate Royalties Trust have confirmed that landmark office tower Nauru House is to be sold. The 51 level, 50,600m 2 NLA building, located at 80 Collins Street is anticipated to be the largest Melbourne office transaction for 2004, with an estimated sale price in the vicinity of $130 million.

Planning approval has been granted for a major office park development in Burnley. Botanicca Corporate Park, to be developed by a joint venture between R.Corporation and Macquarie Bank, will be developed on the former Amrad site in Swan Street, at an estimated construction cost of $125 million. The office park will comprise nine low rise buildings, totalling 70,000m 2 of office space. Signalling continued strength for the suburban office market, the project is already 80% pre-committed, with just 14,000m 2 remaining unleased and rents reported to range between $250-$280/m 2 net.

An 8,587m 2 distribution centre in Wellington Road Rowville was purchased for $7.725 million. With planning approval for an additional 6,130m 2 facility on the 26,560m 2 site, the property changed hands on a 9.6% yield reflecting the property's short remaining lease to Bonland Dairies (expiring December 2005).

The strategic acquisition of an office warehouse in Koornang Road Scoresby, neighbouring an existing property owned by the trust. Purchased for $5.65 million, the 7,645m 2 facility boasts a long term lease to ACI Plastics, expiring in March 2012, and yielding 8.1%. Engineering and the Department of Defence, the property changed hands on an 8.77% yield. - An office warehouse at 31 Garden Street Kilsyth changed hands for $4.7 million on a 10.0% yield. The property is leased to Fleetguard, for 18 years.

The Gibins Group purchased a 21ha parcel of industrial land in Camp Road Broadmeadows, for $5.25 million ($25/m 2 land). Offloaded by the Department of Defence, the property is an unused portion of the Maygar Barracks and comprises 10,000m 2 of industrial space. The acquisition of the property is timely for future development, benefiting from its proximity to the planned Craigeburn bypass, due for completion in 2006.

significant industrial transaction witnessed Preston's 43,800m 2 Spicers Paper Complex sell for $18.5 million. The Raglan Street complex comprises four warehouses and two office buildings, totalling 40,000m 2 and 3,800m 2 respectively. Property conveyancing lawyers make easy transaction process for maintaining reports and also to change the legal title of property. Purchased by two syndicates, the transaction included a 12 month leaseback agreement. In Mulgrave, a 1.55ha industrial site sold to an owner occupier for $5.2 million ($335/m 2 land). Enact - Melbourne conveyancing will act from the side of their clients. The property, situated on the corner of Dunlop Road and McDonalds Lane adjoins an $18 million Salta Properties Group site and includes a 6,907m 2 warehouse, partially leased to refrigerated produce suppliers Select Produce, until January 2005.

The retail property market has been the star (non-residential) investment market performer over the past two years as continued high retail turnover growth underpinned confidence in the sector within an investment climate hungry for retail property. Despite some indications that that retail spending growth may have been slowing towards the end of 2003 the ABS data results to May 2004 indicates annual growth of approx 7.7% for the whole of Australia. Access Economics forecasts real retail turnover growth (removing the impact of inflation on turnover) to be 2.48% p.a on average over the next five financial years.

The food retailing sector has continued to post high retail trade growth levels with approx 7.2% sales growth across Australia in the year to May 04. Back to back years of strong food retailing growth has encouraged large floorspace additions within the supermarket sector and the results of such increased competition are beginning to be felt.

The supermarket sector has come under increased competition over the past 12 months, with sales relatively flat on a store by store basis. Comparable MAT turnover growth for supermarkets within some of the major retail portfolios shows relatively moderate growth with Westfield 1.7%, Centro 2.3% and Gandel (0.1%) in their supermarkets on a comparable basis over the year to March 04. Potentially this indicates that supermarkets within the larger regional and sub-regional centres are treading water as the additional supermarket spending is being taken up by the newer, more convenient to access supermarkets.

By the end of the year they will have around 90, and by 2006 around 200 sites (for future development), which is an aggressive target compared with its rivals. The bulk of Aldi’s stores are located in NSW, where it currently operates 44 outlets, predominantly in rural areas on the outskirts of Sydney and some metropolitan areas. Aldi recently opened its first two stores in Queensland with 12 to be open by the end of the year. A licensed property conveyancer is the deserving person to assist you in the property transaction process.

The Department store sector is still striving to recover lost sales momentum with Myer and David Jones currently operating around 100 stores between them, with a combined sales volume of approx $4.8 billion. Their share of non-food retail spending in Australia now sits at around 7.4%, thirty years ago they accounted for more than 20%. Today, department stores are fighting for every dollar, with Coles Myer rationalising and dropping the Grace Bros brand, and adopted an upmarket strategy more in line with its rival, David Jones. Since early this year both retailers have embarked on aggressive marketing campaigns, with the recent mid-year clearance sales starting earlier than in previous years, and running past mid-July. Competition in the sector is expected to remain fierce.

The controversy over factory outlets on airport land is likely to continue, as supply constraints increase the pressure on Governments to free up land for development. It is the most common line said by experienced people that hire a licensed conveyancer for the successful completion of the property transaction process. Currently a factory outlet is proposed for Brisbane Airport, and also at Essendon Airport in Victoria. In Sydney, outlet centre developers are currently circling Sydney Airport in the hope that Federal land will become available in the near future.

Sub-regional centres have been benefiting from good anchor tenant performance with the discount. In general the DDS sector is seen as the major supplier of the upswing in department store turnover as measured by the ABS (6.5% in the 12 months to May 04). The bulky goods property market is still growing strongly despite some indications that the level of consumer spending on household goods is beginning to slow. In each of the east coast states there are still retailers keen to continue to roll out premises and as yet the significant level of supply has not tested the levels of demand. The sector still appears to have resilience with rental growth for the bulky goods sector still expected to outperform other retail sectors over the next five years.

Discount factory outlet centres have also gained many headlines of late. Major shopping centre stakeholders contest their validity on the grounds of unfair competition, whilst other developers continue to exploit their comparatively low development cost and high rental returns per square metre. Meanwhile, the end users (shoppers) cannot get enough of them. The general consensus is the markets are at or just short of peak levels. A majority of respondents indicated that the retail markets of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria were at peak now or expected to reach the peak within the next six months.

The majority of respondents anticipate a stable or slightly softening prime yield environment across the three states. The exception to that was the Queensland market where the potential for further slight tightening of yields had some support from market participants. Rising on a site area of 11,021 square metres (118,630 sq.ft.), the twin-tower commercial and residential complex offers a total gross floor area of 66,126 square metres (711,774 sq.ft.). Listed property trusts were the dominant purchaser class, contributing to approximately 49% of the total investment in major retail assets across the three eastern states of New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. For a selection of LandMark White's yield forecasts - see over.

The need of sports training infrastructure is high in NKU area and with the help of property. In terms of retail transactions, New South Wales was the dominant state with $1.14 billion or 49% of the transactions by value. Queensland was not far behind with recorded $900 million 38% of transactions by value with solid demand across all of the retail sectors. The training center available in Sydney has legal ownership and enact conveyancing Sydney is able to make the sports activity to a greater level. Major activity was lower in Victoria with $312 million in sales

Australia’s property trust sector is experiencing its third consecutive year of consolidations, most recently with the $25 billion merger of Westfield’s three listed vehicles, and Lend Lease’s proposed merger with GPT. Both of these have an effect on the retail property markets, as did the disposal last year of AMP’s listed trusts and Centro Properties acquisition of MCS Property. A significant point to note from these transactions is, that despite all the takeover activity occurring within the trust sector (where assets will remain), ownership will now be concentrated across a smaller number of more influential vehicles. Merger activity has been driven by the desire to increase assets under management, and a lack of investment grade stock available for purchase, again particularly within the retail sector, which has resulted in the continued tightening of yields across all retail asset classes